November 23, 2017

Workshop on Distant Reading

International expert workshop on “Distant Reading in Literary Texts”

The DARIAH-EU working group on “Text and Data Analytics” organizes an expert workshop on “Distant Reading in Literary Text” on

23.-24. November 2017 in Würzburg.

Leading international experts in the computational analysis of literary texts will present examples of their latest research. The event will be dedicated to provide a platform for discussing the recent developments in the field. Presentations include:

  • Ted Underwood (University of Illinois, USA): Distant Reading and the Problem of Perspective
  • Thomas Weitin (University of Darmstadt, Germany): Reading at Scale - novella collections of the 19th century
  • Jan Rybicki (Pedagogical University of Kraków, Poland): Is Russian Literature Distant? Reading Russians with Networks
  • Fotis Jannidis (University of Würzburg, Germany): Complexity.
  • Tomoji Tabata (University of Osaka, Japan): Through different routes to the same landscape: What do text-clusterings tell us about style?
  • Christof Schöch (University of Trier, Germany): Burrows’ Zeta: Reimplementation and Extension
  • Karina van Dalen-Oskam (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands): Fifty Shades of Style

Other potential presenters will be Mark Andrew Algee-Hewitt (Stanford University, USA), Maciej Eder (Pedagogical University of Kraków, Poland) and Mike Kestemont (University of Antwerp, Belgium).

The event will be open to the public. Interested listeners are welcome to attend and participate in discussions. If you intend to participate in the event, we kindly ask you to give us informal notice via email for organisational reasons. The workshop is funded by DARIAH-EU.


The workshop be held on Thursday afternoon (23. November) from 13:00-18:00 and Friday morning (24. November) from 9:00-14:00.


The location will be the University of Würzburg’s

“Bibliotheks- und Seminarzentrum”,
Room 01.102
97074 Würzburg


Steffen Pielström via